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Magdalene Matthews

In 2012, Miss Niesha T. Richards, a student of the Belair Government School, was awarded a VincyCares scholarship in memory of Magdalene Matthews donated by Christlyn Matthews-Child in honor of her deceased sister. Thanks to the generosity of Mrs. Matthews-Child, Niesha was able to successfully complete her secondary education. Miss Richards recently graduated from the Girls’ High School, and now attends the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Community College. Her field of study is Literature, Economics and Spanish.

Mrs. Matthews-Child (left) and Neisha

In October 2017, Mrs. Matthews-Child took time out during her visit to SVG to spend some time with Niesha. This was an extra special visit as they met on the 8th anniversary of Magdalene’s passing. In expressing how she feels about Niesha’s performance over the past 5 years, Mrs. Matthews-Child expressed how proud she is of Niesha, and honored that she has kept her sister Magdalene Matthew’s memories alive. She wishes Niesha much success as she continues her future ventures.

Also joining in the celebrations was founding member of VincyCares, Inc, Mrs. Dahlia-Ann Howard-Lewis, who facilitates the VincyCares Scholarship Program and closely monitors the progress of the students.


A recent letter from Niesha to her sponsor Chris:

20 January 2017
Dear Mrs. Christlyn Matthews,

I cannot even begin to express how grateful I am to you for so graciously continuing to fund my education and aid the cause of high school drop out rates in St. Vincent. These past five years  seemed to fly by so fast as my final exams are in just four months. I am as excited as I am nervous but I can promise you that your effort will not be wasted as I plan to perform to the best of my abilities. The same abilities you’ve trusted since the beginning of this journey. Your kindness has introduced me to a world of possibilities and for that I thank you. I promise that even after my final exam I will continue to work hard and make you proud so that your efforts will not be wasted.


Niesha Richards