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The Victoria Story

I was dropping my daughter off to school one Friday morning around 7 am, when I saw a little girl walking along Backstreet with a tray on her head selling sorrel.

Something about her caught my attention; I stopped and asked her where she was from. When Victoria told me she was from Sandy Bay, I was touched because I realized that she must have left home before 5am in order to be in Kingstown at that time. Further, I asked why she was not in school and she explained that she lived with her Grandmother and had to sell to help out.

All my emotions kicked in; I told her to come with me and I will help her sell the sorrel. I bought some, I stopped at a restaurant and asked the proprietor to buy some of the sorrel, which she did, then I met my brother and he bought the remainder.

I got a contact number from Victoria and dropped her at the bus stop, encouraging her to hurry home so that she can attend school.

I believe that God orchestrated my meeting Victoria. I say this because I had on many occasions encountered children selling on the streets of Kingstown during the times when they ought to be in school, but somehow this was different. I remember feeling very emotional all that day, tearing up every time I thought of her. That Sunday my family and I went to Sandy Bay to meet her family. After that I kept in touch with Victoria and her family, helping out as much as I can.

The day I met Victoria, I posted a short note about the experience on my Facebook status. Many persons were touched, generating lots of comments on the post. This led to Kenley “Shortmus” John asking for feedback on how the Facebook community can help the children of St. Vincent. The overwhelming response gave birth to VincyCares!


Dahlia Howard-Lewis