Keynote Address – 8th Anniversary Luncheon

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Author and the Founder and CEO of Workplace Success Group, Karen Hinds delivered a motivational speech aligning with our theme “Youth Development is the Path to Successful Leadership.”

Inspired by the wisdom of Ms. Lessie Williams, whose quest for knowledge led her at age 97, to take advantage of the Adult and Continuing Education Program in SVG, Karen spoke about youth, leadership, and success.Ms. Lessie was passionate about young people. Karen elaborated on four tips in developing our youth from Ms. Lessie.

Karen Hinds, Motivational Speaker

Tip #1: “Never give up on our young people.” Stop telling them “I wash my hands of you”. Remember all the times you made mistakes. Our young people need to know that regardless of what they are going thru they can rely on you to be there for them.

Tip #2: “Educate our young people. The person you educate today may have the greatest impact on someone’s life tomorrow.” Do not define education as a college degree. Help them find out their talent and support them nonetheless.

Tip #3: “The manner in which we choose to deal with our problems is what determines the paths our lives will take.” 
We do not teach our children to think, we teach them to obey. Obedience is good, but there comes a time when we have to allow our children to think for themselves.

Tip #4: “Read your Bible and pray daily.”Make time to sit, think, meditate, reflect, and be strategic in the way we approach life.

What are you doing with your life? What do you have to offer? “Monkey say, Monkey Do.” Look at your life – is it worthy of being replicating? Our children are watching.