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My name is Victoria Sunesha Sutherland living in the rural, scenic area of Magum Village, Sandy Bay. I was born on the 25th October 1997 and I am currently 19 years old. I live with my mother but was raised by my grandmother.

One blessed morning during the Christmas period of the year 2009, I was in Kingstown selling sorrel. This was a customary practice during this period, in order to obtain income for the purchase of household and food items and back to school preparations. On that day, I was selling sorrel for my grandmother.

Like all usual mornings in preparation to go to town and sell, I woke up early, at the “dust of dawn” as my grandmother would say. During this ride, I would fall asleep to be awaken by another passenger when we reached Kingstown. On that morning, I set out to sell the sorrel on a tray.

I rest the tray on my head and headed “up town” for my first trip. During my walk up the road I met a woman, who I would come to know as a kind hearted, caring and beautiful soul. In a kind and concerned voice she inquired whether I attended school to which I responded “yes”. She questioned me further as to why I was not in school on that particular day, to which I responded “I was selling sorrel for my grandmother”. The questions continued as to where I was from and who were my parents. What I remembered the most was the concerned voice and the kindness she extended. Normally when questioned by others, they were usually condescending and never really listened to why I was in the position in the first place. However, Mrs. Dahlia-Ann Lewis was a different person, she showed the care, the concern, the love, and the passion to help that I never saw before.

So moved by the answers that I gave her, Mrs. Lewis then asked for my contact number and proceeded to buy twenty dollars’ worth of sorrel from me. She then took me to her brother, who bought the remaining sorrel in my tray. I was overjoyed and excited to have met such a wonderful and caring person, who not only showed it in words but in also in action. She then informed me that she would visit where I live. The rest of that blissful and blessed day is history, but what I can say is that I was fortunate to have met Mrs. Lewis. She later contacted me and she visited my home and spoke with my parents.

Sometimes later, my school, Sandy Bay Government, received a visit from Mrs. Lewis where she presented us with a barrel of school supplies from VincyCares, Inc. I was also informed that I would be receiving a scholarship, which, I confess, I was clueless about. When the scholarship was officially handed over to me, I was even more surprised and truly honored to have been offered a scholarship by VincyCares, Inc for the remainder of my time at primary school and for my secondary school education.

The experience with VincyCares, Inc. over the years has been nothing short of exceptional. I continued to receive my scholarship yearly, which was not only a great help for my parents, having lifted the burden of the additional expense, but also an opportunity to connect with some wonderful people. I am blessed to have been a recipient of the scholarship as it covered all my basic needs and allowed me to pursue my education without any hindrances. At the end of the secondary school career, VincyCares, Inc. continued to assist me while at the Georgetown Multipurpose Center. The scholarship surpassed more than a monetary donation, as I had guidance through it all.
I encourage all recipients of this scholarship to take the opportunity and soar. Use the opportunity to not only master your educational goals and objectives but also to touch the lives of other less fortunate persons. Also for all those children who are currently engaging in activities to help out at home, never give up because you never know when a miracle would pass your way. God is watching over you and he will keep you through it all. He blessed me with the miracle of meeting mrs. Lewis and the VincyCares, Inc organization.

I say thank you and I hope that one day I can support the group so that they can support others. Thank you for everything VincyCares, Inc. I am ever so grateful and appreciative.

Love, Victoria.