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THANK YOU on behalf of the Graduating Recipients

Outgoing scholarship recipient, Miss Niesha Richards, eloquently expressed her gratitude to VincyCares, Inc. and to her donor Mrs. Christlyn Matthews-Child for helping to make her high school education possible. In addition, she gave words of encouragement to the new scholarship recipients. She made us all proud.

Miss Niesha Richards

A pleasant good evening to all in attendance. My name is Niesha Richards. I am a former student of the Belair Government School and just recently a proud graduate of The Girls’ High School. I am honored to be one of the First recipients of a scholarship from VincyCares, Inc.

I was but a young girl with big dreams and little resources when the opportunity to receive a scholarship was presented to me. “Write an essay,” my principal said, “let them see that you are deserving of a scholarship” and so write I did, I poured my hopes and dreams into that essay and submitted it with a shaky hand, doubting that I would be lucky enough to obtain a scholarship. I truly wanted to be chosen as it would help my mother who became a single parent after the sudden passing of my dad.  (Read More)






A Match Made in Heaven

Mrs. Matthews-Child (left) and Neisha

In 2012, Miss Niesha T. Richards, a student of the Belair Government School, was awarded a VincyCares scholarship in memory of Magdalene Matthews donated by Christlyn Matthews-Child in honor of her deceased sister. Thanks to the generosity of Mrs. Matthews-Child, Niesha was able to successfully complete her secondary education. Miss Richards recently graduated from the Girls’ High School, and now attends the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Community College. Her field of study is Literature, Economics and Spanish.

In October 2017, Mrs. Matthews-Child took time out during her visit to SVG to spend some time with Niesha. This was an extra special visit as they met on the 8th anniversary of Magdalene’s passing. In expressing how she feels about Niesha’s performance over the past 5 years, Mrs. Matthews-Child expressed how proud she is of Niesha, and honored that she has kept her sister Magdalene Matthew’s memories alive.  (Read More)



A Message From Victoria Sutherland

My name is Victoria Sunesha Sutherland living in the rural, scenic area of Magum Village, Sandy Bay. I was born on the 25th October 1997 and I am currently 19 years old. I live with my mother but was raised by my grandmother.

One blessed morning during the Christmas period of the year 2009, I was in Kingstown selling sorrel. This was a customary practice during this period, in order to obtain income for the purchase of household and food items and back to school preparations. On that day, I was selling sorrel for my grandmother.

Like all usual mornings in preparation to go to town and sell, I woke up early, at the “dust of dawn” as my grandmother would say. During this ride, I would fall asleep to be awaken by another passenger when we reached Kingstown. On that morning, I set out to sell the sorrel on a tray. (Read More)