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Gillian Arthur, President

Welcome to this celebratory luncheon of VincyCares, Inc.

Our theme for this year, “Youth development is the path to successful leadership,” emphasizes that we must, collectively, invest in the youth and their education. To create change, we must be willing to invest in successive generations. We must equip them with the tools necessary for nation building and for life in general. Education is that tool!

Today, we celebrate our 8th Anniversary. We are indeed proud of the achievements of our scholarship recipients and as we continue to support them financially, we are very much aware that we cannot accomplish any of this without the generous support of Vincentians in the Diaspora and at home.

Last year we witnessed the graduation of Victoria Sutherland, who inspired the formation of VincyCares, Inc. This year we are proud to announce that three of our scholarship recipients have graduated and are now continuing their education at the St. Vincent and the Grenadines Community College.

Over the past two years, we provided financial assistance to a student from Union Island, enabling him to afford a daily lunch, while attending the SVG Community College. Although this was not a part of our mission, we decided to help. Today, that young man has been awarded a National Scholarship to pursue studies in medicine. He was not a VincyCares scholarship recipient, but we are equally proud of his determination and drive to succeed. This is the future of our country and why we do what we do!

We awarded three new scholarships for the 2017/2018 school year. One student will attend the St. Vincent Grammar School and two will attend the St. Vincent Girls’ High School. The future of VincyCares, Inc. looks bright, as we, like our scholarship recipients, strive to be better. We hope that in the years ahead we can again stand here and proudly announce a doctor, lawyer, business administrator, politician, and all around entrepreneur was once given the opportunity to further their studies with a scholarship donated or facilitated by VincyCares, Inc.

In the words of Mrs. Dahlia-Ann Howard-Lewis, one of our founding members, “I know many of you are unaware of the impact you make by simply buying a ticket or attending an event, but please know that your contribution is invaluable and the ripple effect results in transformed lives and accomplished dreams.” Please read Dahlia-Ann’s complete message in our souvenir journal where she provides a detailed update on our scholarship recipients.

We are extremely grateful for the unwavering trust and support that you, here in the Diaspora and at home, have placed in us as we seek to fulfill our mission. Our efforts to help our children cannot be successful without your generous support. We thank you and we wish you all a most blessed holiday season.

Gillian Arthur, President.

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