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Dahlia Howard-Lewis

Dear Friends

It is indeed a pleasure to bring you greetings and blessings on this special occasion from our beautiful Island Nation, St. Vincent and the Grenadines! Hairouna! Land that we love!

I must admit and it may seem strange, but it is always difficult for me to put this report together. I believe the primary reason is that the passion I feel for what we do cannot be adequately expressed on paper. I sometimes feel that I am really meant to sit with you on a Vincy moonlight night and simply without frills and flurry tell you how special each and everyone of these children are to me and what a joy and blessing it is to be given the opportunity to be a part of their lives. I want you to understand the burning desire I have for them to succeed and to become well-adjusted and productive adults. I want you to see my tears of joy and pride and not just hear, but experience the sincere gratitude I feel for my fellow Vincentians abroad and here at home, when I say thank you for all the support and love you have shown to our children and your country as a whole. I know many of you are unaware of the impact you make by simply buying a ticket or attending an event, but please know that your contribution is invaluable and the ripple effect results in transformed lives and accomplished dreams. Words are simply not enough.

This year has been particularly fulfilling for VincyCares, Inc. We have seen three of our students graduate from Secondary school with exceptional CSEC results. They are all continuing their Tertiary education at The St. Vincent and the Grenadines Community College. Miss Nieasha Richards, sponsored by Mrs. Chrislyn Matthews-Child as a memorial to her sister Magdelene, graduated from The Girls High School with 11 CSEC passes. She is currently pursuing studies in English Literature, Spanish, Communication Studies and Economics. Miss Tyricia Samuel, sponsored by VincyCares, Inc. also graduated from The Girls High School with 11 CSEC passes and is now pursuing Economics, Communication Studies, Accounting and Management of Business. Miss Gail Ann Pierre, sponsored by Mrs. Sara Toyloy, graduated from The St. Joseph’s Convent Kingstown with 10 CSEC passes and is pursuing courses in Math, Economics, Management of Business and Communication Studies. We commend our students for their hard work and determination and are proud to be associated with their success.

The Academic year 2017/2018 started with three additional scholarship recipients joining our growing family. We are happy to introduce, Mr. Cody Bartley, from The Fitz Hughes Primary School, sponsored by Chapel of the Redeemer Lutheran Church (facilitated by Dr. Corinne Cordice-Forde); Miss Zomara Lewis from the Sandy Bay Primary School, sponsored by Cynergy Spa; and Miss Ziel Cain from The New Prospect Primary School, sponsored by VincyCares, Inc. Cody is now a student at the St. Vincent Grammar School, and Ziel and Zomara are students at The Girls High School. Our other students, Rickeisha Glasgow sponsored by Mrs. Anita Botti, Phileen Cambridge sponsored by Mr. Vince Matthews, and Mary Ann Woods sponsored by VincyCares, Inc., are all doing well as they continue their educational journey. We express heartfelt thanks to all our sponsors and promise as always to continue to mentor and support our children through this important season.

The heart of VincyCares, Inc. is to help the young people of our Nation realize their dreams. One such opportunity presented itself two years ago when the plight of a student was brought to our attention. Mr. Jeremiah Augustus from the Grenadine island of Union Island was offered assistance of a hot meal every day as he attended the SVG Community College. Jeremiah was away from home and needed support. VincyCares, Inc. in a very small way reached out to him and I am proud to report that Jeremiah was one of our National Scholars for the year 2017. Jeremiah commences study at The University of The West Indies, Mona Campus, Jamaica for the Academic year 2018/2019, where he will write for a degree in Medicine. Jeremiah has expressed his heartfelt thanks to VincyCares, Inc. for reaching out to him in his time of need. We wish him God’s choicest blessings and every success as he pursues his dreams.

It would be remiss of me if I did not keep you up to date with our Victoria, the young lady who inspired VincyCares, Inc. Victoria gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on Friday, November 17th, 2017. Victoria is now an adult and will always be a part of VincyCares. It is with her this great organization began. We love her and will always be here for her and her baby. I implore you to keep them in your prayers.

I cannot help but think how fitting this year’s theme is: “Youth development is the path to successful leadership”. We must do all we can to support and encourage our youth – the future of our country demands it.

I take this opportunity to congratulate our Lifetime Achievement Awardee Mr. Ferrand ‘Randy D’ Dopwell; Honorees: Mr. Curtis King, Mr. Caiphas ‘Supaeyes’ Cuffy, Mr. Maxwell Haywood, The Garifuna Indigenous People of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and our Vision Awardee, Mr. Jonell “Yung Hova” Goodluck. You are all Vincies who care. We salute you!

As we continue on this journey together, I extend best wishes for the season ahead and leave you with this quote, “Do all the good you can. By all the means you can. In all the ways you can. In all the places you can. At all the times you can. To all the people you can. As long as ever you can.” – John Wesley (1793 – 1791)

Dahlia-Ann Howard-Lewis (Mrs.)
Founding Member of VincyCares, Inc. and Facilitator of VincyCares SVG



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