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THANK YOU on behalf of the Graduating Recipients

Miss Niesha Richards

Outgoing scholarship recipient, Miss Niesha Richards, eloquently expressed her gratitude to VincyCares, Inc. and to her donor Mrs. Christlyn Matthews-Child for helping to make her high school education possible. In addition, she gave words of encouragement to the new scholarship recipients. She made us all proud.

A pleasant good evening to all in attendance. My name is Niesha Richards. I am a former student of the Belair Government School and just recently a proud graduate of The Girls’ High School. I am honored to be one of the First recipients of a scholarship from VincyCares, Inc.

I was but a young girl with big dreams and little resources when the opportunity to receive a scholarship was presented to me. “Write an essay,” my principal said, “let them see that you are deserving of a scholarship” and so write I did, I poured my hopes and dreams into that essay and submitted it with a shaky hand, doubting that I would be lucky enough to obtain a scholarship. I truly wanted to be chosen as it would help my mother who became a single parent after the sudden passing of my dad. As faith would have it, I was chosen as one of the four VincyCares

scholarship recipients that year. The others were, my fellow GHS 2017 graduate, Tyricia Samuel, Gailann Pierre a 2017 graduate of the St. Joseph’s Convent Kingstown and Giovanni Lewis who attended The St. Vincent Grammar School.

Five short years later, after much hard work, dedication and determination, we have successfully completed our secondary education and is now looking forward to successful CSEC results, and continuing our education at the St. Vincent Community College. The road was sometimes hard and long, but with the help of God and VincyCares, we made it!

Tonight, on behalf of my fellow scholarship recipients, I say a heartfelt thank you to VincyCares for investing in us and in the future of our country. We are extremely grateful that you have chosen to invest your time, hopes and dreams in our future and promise that we will work continuously to make you proud. Your efforts will never be wasted. Without your genuine interest and love for the youth of our country, the potential of many would have been forgotten or not even recognized in the first place. Your combined efforts have given us the tools we need and now, it is our turn to put them to work.

On a personal note, I want to say a special thank you to my sponsor Mrs. Christlyn Matthews-Child, who sponsored me through VincyCares in the memory of her beloved sister Magdelene Matthews. I had the pleasure of meeting Magdelene’s children Marche and Donte, a moment I would always cherish. My family and I owe a debt of gratitude to you. I hope I have made you proud.

To the new scholarship recipients, I implore you, do not take the opportunities given to you for granted. Work hard, be grateful, make a sacrifice and recognize that a sacrifice was made for you. The road to success is never easy but the payoff is worth the effort. Once again, thank you all and good night.

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